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Elizabeth Woodard

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Supercharge your comic book reading with these iOS apps

With more and more comic publishers offering their comics as DRM-free files, it is more important than ever to have a great app dedicated to reading comic book files like those in this AppGuide.

It's never too late to send greeting cards with these apps

Easily send your greetings with style.

Update Dad's iPad With These Apps This Father's Day

Being a dad is hard work, but an iPad can help. With the right apps, an iPad can help dads with their jobs, having fun, and everything in between.

Celebrate The Earth With These Apps

Earth Day is meant to be a celebration of the Earth, a reminder that our actions directly affect the planet we live on, and a time to educate each other on environmental matters.

Show Off Your New iPad With These Apps

Whether you just bought your first iPad or your fifth, chances are you'll want to show it off to friends and family.

Infinity Blade III Announced At Apple Keynote

Daniel Mustard of Epic Games and co-founder of ChAIR Entertainment announced Infinity Blade III.

Finally: Apps Will Automatically Update In iOS 7

At WWDC, Apple announced minor changes to the AppStore, and one big improvement in app management. Apps will now automatically update, making AppStore notifications a thing of the past.

Edit Documents In Your Browser With iWork For iCloud

Apple announced a Web based extension to its iWork software suite called "iWork for iCloud." Users of Macs and PCs can create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and keynote presentations from within the browser.

Need A Father's Day Gift For Dad? Try These Apps For Dad's iPad

Check out these apps that Dad will love to have on his iPad.

Beat Netflix And Manage Your Own Queue

Netflix's most recent changes involve limiting API access and changing the queue to resemble a list. Luckily, there are a number of iOS apps that can fill the void, and we've found them for you.

Extra! Extra! RSS Apps For Your iPad Google Can't Kill

The announcement that Google Reader will shut down on July 1 has left many users and app developers scrambling for a new way to handle their RSS feeds. We've found some of the best options for reading your RSS feeds on your iPad now and on July 1.

Update Your Journal With These iPad Apps

This AppGuide focuses on apps that mimic the form and function of a traditional journal or diary.

Healthy Is Just A Click Away With These Apps

This AppList is designed to help you start on a journey to total wellness.

Spread Holiday Cheer With Cards From Your iOS Devices

You can find or make your own personalized cards using just your iPad or iPhone! Whether you want to send your greetings over the internet, postal mail, or both, you're sure to find apps to suit your needs in this AppList.

Play Board Games On Your iPad This Holiday Season

Many of the most popular and classic board games are available as apps for your iPad. This AppList will walk you through the best apps to fire up during your next gathering of family and friends.

Do Your Holiday Baking With Your iPad This Year

Baked goods—from cookies for Santa to fruit cake—are a staple of the holiday season as much as snow and presents. Whether you have favorite family recipes, want to experiment, or have never baked before, the apps below will help. 

Shop The Best Catalogs On Your iPad

Your iPad turns catalog shopping into a whole new experience!

Get Great Holiday Shopping Deals With These iPhone Apps

The iPhone is a great tool in a savvy shopper's arsenal, because it lets you find deals and buy products from anywhere. From discounted gift certificates to comparison shopping to coupons and bargains apps, there is an app to help you save money no matter what you want to buy.

Extra! Extra! These Are The Best RSS Readers For Your iPad

The choice of RSS reader may be a personal one, but there are a few standout apps in the genre you should be aware of before you decide.

We've Found Your Next Favorite iPhone Game

The App Store is full of great games that never make the front page, and we've found some of the best ones for you to try!

Solving These iPhone Puzzles Is A Treat

Puzzles come in all shapes and sizes, most of which can be found and enjoyed on your iPhone. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best of each “genre” of puzzle game, so that every puzzle lover will find a favorite.

Hear More With The iPhone 5

Along with expected updates to the camera and screen, Apple announced significant upgrades to the iPhone 5's audio components. The new iPhone sports three microphones, one on the back, one on the front, and one on the bottom.

Still No T-Mobile For iPhone 5

In the U.S., the iPhone 5 and its LTE service will be available on AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Yes, that means T-Mobile is once again left out of the party.

Shape Up With These Apps

Your iPhone can't go to the gym for you, but it can be the ultimate gym buddy! With the right apps, your iPhone can simplify and even automate the process of getting and staying in shape.