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Karen Freeman

I manage AppAdvice's social media and I write for the site. I also teach part-time, and obsessively hunt down the latest and greatest apps and accessories for my iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Contact:
Latest from Karen

PlusUs will change the way you charge your iOS devices

Two cool new USB cables, Lifestar and Lifelink, might make you ditch your Apple cord.

FluidStance Level keeps you moving while you work

Fill your Activity rings while working, gaming, or watching TV without taking a step.

BuonGustoItaliano creates beautiful Italian leather Apple Watch bands

We found fine Italian craftsmanship on this Etsy store.

Maclocks Glass Screen Shields offer clear protection for iPhone and iPad

No plastic screen protector compares to the sleek, sheer protection of glass.

Will the Spyder Commuter fill all of your charging needs?

The Commuter is a wall, car, and mobile charger for your iOS device.

Will your next iPhone repair itself while you sleep?

Apple's applied for a patent that would allow your iPhone to perform self-maintenance and repair while you're otherwise occupied.

The Nodus Shell Case for iPhone has magnetic charm

This fine leather case features mounts your iPhone anywhere with a magnetic dock.

Review: SafeSleeve anti-radiation cases for iPhone and MacBook

SafeSleeve cases protect your iPhone and your MacBook, but they might also protect you.

Is the Quarter Super Charge Powerbank the charger for you?

We're hands-on with a portable charger that powers up in just 15 minutes.

Review: Spigen Style Ring & Car Mount for iPhone

This little accessory adds big functionality.

Review: Grovemade's portfolio/stand Maple & Leather Case for iPhone

This premium portfolio iPhone case protects and serves as a stand.

Does the R79X case for iPhone really give you better reception?

If you're looking for better reception, you may find it with the R79X.

Apple Watch comes through in an emergency

The Apple Watch helped one motorist find his iPhone after a terrible accident.

Review: Topaz curved glass iPhone screen protector

Topaz takes the screen protection from edge to edge.

Millennial parents look to Instagram for baby name inspiration

The hottest trend in baby naming could be on your iPhone already.

Pong case for iPhone may reduce your radiation exposure

We're taking a look at a case that claims to protect your phone and your health.

The best Black Friday deals on Apple products and accessories

Black Friday ads have started leaking out; plan your bargain shopping now.

Review: Native Union's DOCK for Apple Watch

The DOCK by Native Union is an upscale option for charging your Apple Watch.

Indie Dev Spotlight: Michael Szumielewski, Stepz developer

We're talking with Michael Szumielewski, the developer of popular pedometer app Stepz.

The Basecamp charger works with 3 iOS devices at once

Basecamp by iNZeyo Labs is a 3-in-1 charger.

Indie Dev Spotlight: Roman Shevtsov

Today we're talking to the independent developer known Navigate to Photo, Roman Shevtsov.

Indie Dev Spotlight: Watch Keypad's Tom de Ruiter

This week we're talking with young app phenom Tom de Ruiter.

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid for iPhone 6s/6 offers clear protection

We're taking a look at Spigen's appealing Ultra Hybrid case.

Indie Dev Spotlight: Sputnik Eyes' Shelly Alon

Today we're talking with the developer of unique game apps Partyrs and Sputnik Eyes.