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USPS augmented reality iPhone app Christmas

USPS Augmented Reality iPhone App Adds Festive Video to Gifts

Credit: USPS
December 14, 2016

This new USPS augmented reality iPhone app from the United States Postal Service allows senders of Priority Mail packages to include a spirited holiday video along with the gift. In return, the gift recipient can use the app to send the gift-giver a thank-you video.

This free new augmented reality iPhone app for holiday gift-giving is called USPS AR. It creates a multi-media animated video in conjunction with a Postal Service Priority Box.

“Our app adds that special touch by delivering cheer when mailing and receiving holiday gifts via Priority Mail,” said U.S. Postal Service Chief Customer and Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President James Cochrane. This is a fun way to add personalization to your packages.

To use the app, align the brackets on your phone screen with the blue “track and insured” shield on a Postal Service Priority Box. The app creates an entertaining digital experience. Buttons at the bottom of the screen let you take a still photo or a video of the experience. Then you can save it, send it, and share it on social media.

For senders, there is a choice of animated messages designed to build excitement for an incoming gift, such as a reindeer tangled in Christmas tree lights or a penguin and other wildlife gathered near an igloo. For recipients, there is a choice of animated messages to say “Thank You” that can include a snowman or dancing gingerbread characters.

This augmented reality iPhone app is a cute, free way to make your holiday gift-giving more festive. Learn more about the app and all of the USPS’s holiday services on their Delivering Cheer website. You can download USPS AR for free on the App Store.

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