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action adventure game

Fling and bump to annihilate enemies in Monster Strike

Battle alone or with friends in this action-packed, monster-themed RPG.

Complete missions to be the coolest Squareface on the scene

This new action adventure will have you intrigued as you attack, solve, and discover a world of paper characters.

Hit the streets in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

It’s time to head back to Liberty City and take control, capiche?

Jessica Jones joins Marvel Future Fight for Black Friday

Prepare to play as a powerful new hero in this popular, action-packed adventure game.

The ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ blast into Marvel Future Fight

This action-packed, adventure RPG gets a superhero-sized update to go along with the TV show.

Fight Your Way Through The Dark Dungeons Of Rocketcat Games' Roguelike Wayward Souls

The wait is over — Wayward Souls, the anticipated sequel to Mage Gauntlet, is finally here. Is it worth the fiver?

Do You Have What It Takes To Save Emilly In Darkness?

Action adventure fans looking for a challenge will want this game in their collection.

Go To Battle With Laser-Blasting Bees And More In The Upcoming Towelfight 2

While full of retro charm, the highlight of Towelfight 2: The Monocle of Destiny looks to easily be the ability to shoot weapons that happen to be exploding animals.

Soar Beyond Your Deepest Fears In Crow

Crow brings out the best of iOS gaming. Sunside Games nailed the controls and created an experience unlike anything I have ever seen before.

Get Justice And Get Bloody With BackStab

It's like 3D Assassin's Creed for iOS? Yes, please! Let's do this!

Gameloft Releases Backstab As A Universal App

If you've been awaiting Gameloft's pirate spinoff, Backstab, the wait is coming to an end. The game is now hitting all of the App Stores and is currently available in New Zealand.

Defeat A Giant Sock Puppet-Loving Squid In Quest Runner

Quest Runner is a casual action adventure RPG, where you take on the role of a junior quest runner, in the town of Torma. As a quest runner, it’s your job to accept whatever tasks the townspeople may have for you, from appeasing an angry female boar with diamond earrings to defeating a giant squid in socks.