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Apple employee

Former Designer Sheds Light On The Dark Side Of Working At Apple

Apple is the best employer in the world, right?

This Year Santa Claus Brought AppleCare Employees Jackets, Pens And Notebooks

AppleCare staff got some nice gifts this Christmas.

Tim Cook Urges Staff To Check Apple's Business Conduct Policy In New Video

Apple is hoping its employees will reread the company's Business Conduct Policy.

Tim Cook Shares Details Concerning Apple's New Products With Employees

Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook has sent an email outlining the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and iOS 7 to employees.

Apple Launches Its Employee Discount Program: $500 Off Macs, $250 Off iPads

Back in January, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a new employee discount program. The new scheme would see Apple employees receive $500 off new Mac computers, and $250 off new iPads. Now, five months after the program was announced, Apple has launched the discount offerings which are available through the company's internal employee portal.

Apple's Town Hall Announcement: $500 Discount Off Macs, $250 Off iPads For Employees

From June, Apple plans to offer its employees a massive $500 discount off new Mac computers and $250 off iPads. The news was announced yesterday by Apple CEO Tim Cook, at Apple's Town Hall auditorium.

Employee Goes Public on What it's Like to Work for Apple

It is not often we hear stories of insider knowledge from Apple employees, but when we do, it is always interesting to find out what really happens behind the scenes. One employee shares his experiences as an Apple employee.