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Apple denied appeal to dismiss class action lawsuit over California labor code violations

The lawsuit cites Apple for not granting “timely” meal breaks, rest breaks, and final paychecks.

California enacts 'kill switch' bill to combat smartphone theft in most populous state

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed the "kill switch" bill.

Smartphone 'kill-switch' bill now awaits governor's approval in California

California's smartphone "kill-switch" bill could soon be made law in the U.S. state.

Apple faces class action lawsuit over alleged Labor Code violations in California

Apple is now facing a class action lawsuit filed by a number of its former employees over alleged violations of the Californina Labor Code.

California Senate Now Passes Smartphone Kill-Switch Bill

From July 2015, all smartphones in California will need to offer customers access to "kill-switch" options.

Californian Legislators Reject 'Kill-Switch' Bill For Smartphones

Californian legislators recently ruled against a mandatory kill-switch for smartphones.

Los Angeles Times App For iPad Hits The App Store

Apple fans can now enjoy reading the Los Angeles Times on their iPad, thanks to a recently released application.

California Allowed To Seize Phones Without Warrants

California officials are now allowed to dig through someone’s mobile phone contents without a warrant. The California Supreme Court made this decision based on a Fourth Amendment Case.

Review: Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania is may be one of the best games for the iPhone thus far. With its superb graphics, comforting tie-in to the animated classic, and addictive gameplay, this game is definitely a winner--but is it right for you?

Review: Disneyland CA Planner

A fully-featured but flawed app for planning a trip and navigating your way around Disneyland.