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e-book pricing

Apple Reaches Out-Of-Court Settlement In E-Book Price Fixing Lawsuit

Apple has reached an out-of-court settlement with U.S. states and consumers in the company's e-book price fixing lawsuit.

Trial Regarding E-Book Pricing Collusion Case Against Apple Set For 2013

A 2013 trial date for a lawsuit recently filed by the U.S. government against Apple has been set, according to a report by Reuters.

US Department Of Justice May Have Jumped The Gun In Price Fixing Case

Concerning alleged price fixing, the US government's case against Apple looks like a misguided shot in the dark.

Updated: U.S. Government Files Lawsuit Against Apple, Publishers Over Alleged E-Book Price Fixing

The U.S. Justice Department today filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple and five of the nation’s largest publishers. The government alleges that the parties conspired to limit competition for the pricing of e-books, according to The Wall Street Journal.