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hidden objects

Travel to Isla Dorada To Unlock The Secrets Of The Mysterious Island

Help this lost archeologist find the golden mask and her way home in this hidden objects game.

You’ve Just Been Assigned To The Special Enquiry Detail, Can You Handle It?

The Engagement Killer has struck again. Find him before he has a chance to attack someone else in this point-and-click adventure.

Elisa Cameron Is Back In Her Own Hidden Objects Game

Help this indie comic character solve the mystery surrounding her death.

Solve The Red Crow Mysteries And Save Mankind

Find the items you need to defeat evil in this hidden objects adventure game.

Bring Your Friends Into The Secret Society

Help is now available to get through The Secret Society - Hidden Mystery game.

WhatZ’Odd With Buds Iz When Your Bud Triez To Hide Thingz From You

It is your turn to be the hider in this multiplayer hidden objects game.

Cave Quest Is More Than Just Match-Three, Its Got Multiple Puzzles To Solve

Put on your puzzle solving cap and your hidden object finding glasses for this genre mash-up game.

Hidden Object Crosswords: A New Twist On Two Popular Games

Is a clever combination of two enjoyable games: hidden objects and crossword puzzles.