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Ghost: Elisa Cameron
Ghost: Elisa Cameron

Elisa Cameron Is Back In Her Own Hidden Objects Game

May 7, 2013

Ghost: Elisa Cameron ($2.99) by Gamers Digital is a hidden objects game for the iPad based on a 1993 comic book that was released by Dark Horse. The story’s protagonist has awoken in an unknown place with mysterious things happening around her. Help her find her way in this otherworldly adventure.

Players move from room to room, finding objects needed to unlock doors, fix fuse boxes, and get some answers to what happened to Elisa Cameron.

In each room, players select a hidden objects scene and find items on the list. Objects listed in green are important and will be used at another point in the game. For example, in one scene, players must collect fuses. The fuses are later used to switch on the lights in a room that has another hidden objects scene.

The scenes are fairly simple. Most objects stand out from the background and can be picked up quickly. The graphics are only mediocre, which contributes to the ease of finding items on the list. I was able to complete the first chapter in less than a half hour.

The mini games are somewhat challenging. They require a reasonable amount of logic and puzzle solving skills. For example, there is a piano with notes and numbers. Players must decipher the code to determine what notes to play. Unfortunately, there are very few mini games.

If you get stuck on a hidden objects scene, you can tap the “Hint” button and you’ll see a sparkly pointer that will focus in on one item from the list. The game will automatically offer hints if you wait too long to do anything in one of the main rooms.

I’ve been playing a lot of hidden objects games lately. I’m starting to feel like a real expert on the subject. I like the story of this game. Ghost was a decent comic in the 1990s. However, the game is a bit too easy for me. The items stand out so clearly that it only takes a few minutes to complete a hidden objects scene. Basically, the objects are not very well hidden.

If you are new to the genre and want a game that is easy to play, you’ll enjoy this one. Luckily, it is priced relatively low, so it doesn’t feel like a waste of money. For those of you who are at least intermediate hidden objects game players, you may want to skip this one. It is just too easy.

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Ghost: Elisa Cameron
Ghost: Elisa Cameron
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