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ibooks 2

On iPad, Publishers' Magazine Efforts Are Barely Past The First Page

Apple and its partner publishers have yet to figure out the digital magazine.

Without Stylus Support, iBooks Can't "Reinvent" The Textbook

iPad 3 will make iBooks look better, but Apple's lofty education platform is missing a crucial feature.

Book Palette Adds 10 New Templates To iBooks Author

Add more options to your book making arsenal with Book Palette.

Apple Updates iBooks - All Textbooks Should Now Open Properly

Apple has recently updated its iBooks iOS app, fixing a bug that caused some e-textbooks to not open properly.

iBooks 2 Serves 350,000 e-Textbook Downloads In First Three Days

Apple's already seen 350,000 e-textbooks downloaded since iBooks 2.0 went live.

Video Hands-On With Brand New iBooks 2 And "e-Textbook" Platform

We run iBooks' new e-textbook platform through its paces in a pair of hands-on videos.

Video: Apple Revolutionizes Learning And Studying Through Textbooks

Apple posted an educational video, in order to tell us more about this partnership with education.

iTunes U App Announced — For Both Students and Teachers

Following today's big announcements Apple concluded today's New York City event with a new app: iTunes U.

iBooks 2 Now Available To Download

Apple has just released iBooks, which includes iBooks 2 with textbooks! Download it now, but make sure you have WiFi!

Apple's iBook 2 Detailed: Pricing, Availability, Partners And More

Following Apple's announcement of iBooks 2 and its Mac textbook creation tool, more details of pricing and availability were released.

The New iBooks 2: Reinventing The Textbook

Live from New York City, Apple announced their plans to "reinvent the textbook."