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iOS 4.2.1

How Many iDevice Users Have Adopted iOS 4? The Answer Is Plenty

As early generation iOS-based devices truly start showing their technological age, and being left out of the latest and greatest features, how many iDevice users have the latest version of Apple's mobile OS on their devices? One iOS developer chose to share some numbers that give us a bit of an insight.

Casey Tschida

Keyboard "Feature" Eliminated With iOS 4.2.1

While many of us cannot stop singing the praises of iOS 4.2.1, these feelings aren’t universal. According to one TUAW contributor, the latest iOS update has eliminated a nice feature that many didn’t know about in the first place. Read more ...

Bryan M. Wolfe

Talk About A Mobile Office: AirPrint To The Rescue

With the release of iOS 4.2.1 yesterday, including Apple's AirPrint technology, a new era has begun. The iOS community seems to be on the verge of yet another app race, and this time it's all about who can get out the AirPrint-capable app the fastest.

Casey Tschida