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ipad mini launch

This Is An iPad Launch Day Like No Other

Reports suggest short lines on iPad mini launch day.

Hurricane Sandy May Delay Apple’s iPad mini Launch In New York City

Apple may have to delay its iPad mini launch at the 5th Avenue Store in New York City due to Hurricane Sandy's aftermath.

What You Need To Know About iPad Mini Launch Day

Tomorrow is iPad mini day at many locations around the world. Before you begin standing in line, consider this ...

Ahead Of Apple's Special Event, New 13-Inch MacBook Pro Specs Leak

Are you in the market for a new MacBook Pro? It looks very likely Apple will launch a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display later today at the company's special event.

It Begins: Apple Store Offline Ahead Of Special Event

Apple has closed their online store ahead of today's special event.

The Sun Rises On Apple's 'Mini' Event

As a reminder, AppAdvice's coverage of Apple's special event begins with a pre-show at noon, followed by the actual event at 1 p.m. EDT.

AppAdvice Invites You To Live Coverage Of Apple's Special Event

AppAdvice will provide live coverage of Apple's special event. Here are all of the details.

The AppAdvice Week In Review: 'iPad Mini' Rumors And Predictions

On Tuesday, Oct. 23, Apple will finally launch the so-called “iPad Mini” at the California Theatre in San Jose, Calif. Here is what we think you can expect.

The 'iPad Mini' Could Mean The End Of The iPad 2

Next week could be the last for the iPad 2.

The ‘iPad Mini’ Is Being Called ‘Competition’s Worst Nightmare’

Perhaps it is appropriate that Halloween is a little more than one week away. Once Apple announces the so-called “iPad Mini” next week, it could become “the competition’s worst nightmare,” says one analyst.

As Apple's 'iPad Mini' Event Nears, The Elephant In The Room Is Hard To Forget

The star of the show in San Jose might not be the "iPad Mini."

The ‘iPad Mini’ Could Hit Stores Nov. 2 With Preorders Starting One Week Earlier

Ready to stand in line? The "iPad Mini" might go on sale Friday, Nov. 2.

Apple And The California Theatre Have A Musical History Together

For Apple and product launches, it could all be about location, location, location.

If Not 'iPad Mini,' What Should Apple Call Their Possible Compact Tablet?

Assuming it launches, what should Apple call their compact tablet? And no, "iPad Mini" might not be a possibility.

Apple Planning To Release 12 Different 'iPad Mini' Models In Two Colors

Next week, Apple could unveil 12 different "iPad Mini" models.

The AppAdvice Week In Review: Scratched iPhones, Beautiful iPods And The Elusive 'iPad Mini'

What's not to love? The past week was filled with news on iPod launches, iPhone controversies, and of course, the "iPad Mini." Here are just some of the stories that made news during the week that was.

The AppAdvice Week In Review Looks At The iPad Mini, iPhone 5 Lightning Accessories, iOS 6 Maps And More

In two weeks, Apple could unveil the iPad Mini. These and other stories were addressed during the week that was.

Bazinga! Apple's iPad Mini Event Likely Oct. 17

Forget the iPhone 5. The iPad Mini could launch Oct. 17.