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Bring MagSafe-like charging to your iOS devices with Znaps

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, you can pick one up starting at around $11.

The Apple Watch features a MagSafe-like charging system

A MagSafe-like cable attaches to the back of the device.

A new Kickstarter project, Cabin, brings MagSafe-like charging to the iPhone

The charging cord is part of a complete system that includes a backup battery case and dock.

Design Of The iPad, iPhone 4 Among Five Patents Granted To Apple

Apple won five patents this week covering the design of the iPhone 4, iPad, and some well-known accessories

Apple's Latest Round Of Patents Includes: Cloud Printing, AR Mapping, Magsafe For iOS, And Sports App

Whether you ever had issues tripping on your iDevice cables, getting lost, losing track of your workout or printing things, Apple has something in the works for you.

Patent Watch: MagSafe Coming To The iPad?

When you consider how great Apple's MagSafe charging plug is, it's a bit surprising that they haven't included it in every one of their products yet. The fact that this magnetic plug can just unplug itself when you step on the cord has saved many devices. Soon it may be also saving our iPads and iPhones.