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paper toss

Backflip Studios Releases Paper Toss 2.0 - Includes New Throwable Objects, Moving Targets And More

Backflip Studios has released a brand new Paper Toss app for iOS: the application, Paper Toss 2.0, is a separate, free app that includes a number of new features. Now, fans of the original application can enjoy "tossing" a number of different objects at moving targets, tormenting annoying co-workers and playing through a variety of new (and classic) levels.

$500,000 A Month In Revenue For One Developer Of "Free" Apps

If you've been wondering if, and how, app developers make money from free apps, look no further than this story. Read more...

Review: Tunnel Shoot - Blast Through The Worm Hole

Tunnel Shoot is a brand new game that is a collaborative effort by Backflip Studios, Paper Toss & Ragdoll Blaster, and Team Phobic, Bounce On 1 & 2. Read on to find out if this universal app is worth the price of admission.

Paper Toss HD For iPad Arrives In The App Store

The paper tossing sensation, Paper Toss, arrives in the App Store for iPad as Paper Toss HD.

Review: Paper Toss: World Tour

Following NFL 2010 another major sports title hits the App Store. No it's not Madden, it's Paper Toss: World Tour. Backflip Studios has created a sequel to their massively popular free title. Now you can toss paper all over the world. Is it worth the $0.99 price over the free version. Click through to find out.