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Reader X

Monday App Updates: Great Apps That Just Got Better For Feb. 25

Here are 11 recently updated app you don't want to miss.

Innovative Google Reader App Reader X Reinvented With Version 2.0

Reader X 2.0 signifies a reinvention of the app. Be that as it may, Reader X remains programmed to be a "wallpaper of all your Google Reader news."

App Showdown: Stay Current with Reeder, Mr. Reader, Reader X And Newsify

RSS is definitely not dead, despite what most people say. This week, we compare the best Google Reader apps for your iOS devices! Is your favorite here?

Reader X Innovates The RSS App On The iPad

Want a more visual way to see your Google Reader account? Reader X can help out with that.

Reader X For iPad: Unlike Any Other Google Reader Client Out There

If you're looking for a Google Reader client that's rather a little different from the rest of the bunch, consider purchasing and downloading Reader X for iPad ($1.99). This new, interesting iPad application allows users to view the contents of their Google Reader reading list on their iPad's screen, in a grid. You can browse through the grid either horizontally or vertically, and touching an item in the grid opens it accordingly.