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Your kids can learn how to program robots with Blockly

The latest update to this educational app provides new ways for your kids to learn from Dash and Dot.

Fight even more robots with Ironkill's massive update

The latest update to the robot fighting game gives us plenty to cheer about.

Foxconn's Upcoming 'Foxbots' Could Build Your Future iPhones

Our future iPhones and iPads could be assembled by Foxconn's army of "Foxbots."

Love Anime, Robots And Science Fiction? We’ve Got Your Game

Space Frontier is a universal Sims style city construction game for fans of outer space, robots and anime. If you like sassy “fembots,” space-themed neighborhoods and controlling the housing market, this game will make your geeky dreams come true.

Give Robots A Beat So They Can Get To Work In RoboFonics

RoboFonics is a rhythm-based game with a cute concept, but it feels more like work than play.

Foxconn Adding A Million Robots To Chinese Facilities

Foxconn hopes to cut costs and improve efficiency with its huge new robot fleet.

Check Out Universal App: Robotek HD

Do you enjoy battling huge mechs? Check out Robotek HD for iPad and iPhone. The universal app offers stunning neon-light visuals and a tactical RPG style of gameplay.

Review: iDroids

Megaman better watch his back. HAXX to the rescue in iDroids!