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side scrolling games

You’ll be Bookin’ It to stay in the air in this side-scroller

Hop your way to a high score by jumping from book to book in this new side-scrolling game.

Ambitious space exploration game Prevail to land in 2015

An 18-month-long hiatus for this massive game is finally over.

Take A Retro Trip To 8-Bit Heaven With Rico

Run, jump, and fly through this retro, side-scrolling platform game.

Grab Some Sunscreen Because You’ll Be Saying Aloha From Hawaii Soon

Who needs Madagascar? These penguins are headed for Hawaii instead.

This Infinite Warrior Is Ready To Battle To The Death, Hopefully Not His Own

Battle against hardened soldiers in this bloody endless distance game for the iPhone and iPad.

These Pocket Trucks Are More Than Just Toys

Drive a mini monster truck through a child-like obstacle course in this side scrolling driving game.

Twitter Has Never Been As Much Fun As It Is In Tweet Land

Tweet Land is an innovative new game that turns “tweets” into tangible objects. Hopefully, there won’t be an earthquake anytime soon, or this game will be all shakes.

Free Yourself From The Tyranny Of Two-Dimensional Gaming With Paper Monsters

Paper Monsters is an adorable new game that revolutionizes the platform gaming genre. No longer are players relegated to two-dimensional side scrolling.