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snap spot

Snap Spot: Get Photo Taking Inspiration From The iPhotography Assignment Generator

The iPhotography Assignment Generator is filled with ideas for awesome iPhone photos.

Snap Spot: Light Up Your Photos With The Pocket Spotlight

Brighten up your low light photos with this spotlight that attaches to your iPhone.

Snap Spot: Create Electric Photos With Tangled FX

Tangled FX is a unique photo editing app.

Snap Spot: Get Your iPhoneography Degree from Photojojo University

Photojojo is offering an all new inexpensive iPhoneography Class.

Snap Spot: Create Virtual Duplicates Of Yourself With Clone Camera

Clone Camera allows you to create photos with multiple versions of yourself in an array of poses.

Snap Spot: Your Self Portraits Will Look Better Than Ever With This iPhone Cable Trigger

Eliminate camera shake with this clever iPhone trigger.

Snap Spot: Improve Your iPhone Photos With These Clip-On Lenses

These Clip-On iPhone lenses work with any case.

Snap Spot: Keep Your Phone Safe When Taking Photos With The iPhone Wrist Strap

The iPhone Wrist Strap attaches to the bottom of your phone for hands-free carrying.

Snap Spot: Holiday Gift Guide for iPhoneographers

Love taking pictures with your iPhone? Know someone who does? Make sure to check out the iPhoneography Gift Guide.

Snap Spot: How To Turn Your Photos Into Amazing Holiday Gifts

Your photos make great holiday gifts.

Capture Close Up Shots Of Your World With The Easy-Macro Cell Lens Band

The Easy-Macro Cell Lens Band is a portable macro lens for your iPhone.

Snap Spot: It’s A Charger! It’s A Tripod! It’s Une Bobine!

The Bobine is an iPhone charger and tripod.

Snap Spot: Get A New Look For Your Photos With The Holga iPhone Case

This week's SnapSpot features a review of the Holga iPhone Lens Filter and Case Kit.

Snap Spot: Create The Ultimate Vintage Photos With Vintique

In this week’s Snap Spot, I take a look at photo editing app Vintique.

Snap Spot: Create Panning Time Lapse Videos With Your iPhone Using The Camalapse

The Camalapse is a rotating stand for your iPhone.

Snap Spot: Out-Hipster Your Friends With Photojojo's iPhone Rangefinder

The iPhone Rangefinder is a vintage-style camera case for the iPhone 4 and 4S.