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whitaker blackall

Get Your Groove On And Pivvot Your Way To The Finish

Whitaker Trebella, maker of Polymer and delightful music for some famous iOS games, is back at it again with the brand new music-based twitch reflex game, Pivvot.

Whether You Celebrate Christmas Or Hanukkah, Polymer Is For Ya

A new Polymer update is always a cause for celebration. And the latest one is actually issued in celebration of the holiday season.

My Polymer Is Bigger Than Yours!

All you need to play Polymer is a healthy dose of creativity coupled with strategy. Also, some friends. That is, if you want to take advantage of the game's new multiplayer mode.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For May 3, 2012

Our Game of the Week pick will have you hitting the slopes and skiing for your life!

Polymer Is A Fresh Take On iPhone Puzzle Games

Puzzle fans should definitely look into adding Polymer to their iPhone game collection.

Designed By Accomplished iOS Game Music Composer, Polymer Takes Shape In The App Store

Polymer offers a fresh and colorful spin on sliding-block puzzles.