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Are your dice hot enough to Roll with Friends?

This dice game is fun and addictive.

Shake, score and shout: This new iOS game lets you play Hasbro's Yahtzee with your buddies

You can now play Yahtzee, the hugely popular multiplayer dice game owned by Hasbro, with your buddies using your iOS device.

Yahtzee Meets Matching Games With Droptzee, But You Have To Play Alone If You Want To Play For Free

Play a universal dice game that is similar to Yahtzee, but has a match game twist. Grab a full house or a large straight and watch new dice drop down.

Rapid Review: Yahtzee HD - Roll Baby Roll

EA's Yahtzee Adventures has moved to the iPad as Yahtzee HD. Is it just a simple port, or a whole redesigned game? Read on to find out in our rapid review.

Roll The Dice And Go For Yahtzee On Your iPad

EA has released an iPad-optimized version of one of the most recognizable dice-rolling games around, Yahtzee!

New Board Game Applist Has All The Classics

There's something for everyone when it comes to porting classic board games to the iPhone.