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Freedom - Reduce Distractions

Top 10 Productivity: 4 Countries

Top 10 Productivity: 4 Countries

Freedom - Reduce Distractions

by Eighty Percent Solutions
Freedom - Reduce Distractions
Freedom - Reduce Distractions
Freedom - Reduce Distractions
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What is it about?

Top 10 Productivity: 4 Countries

Freedom - Reduce Distractions

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Productivity Lifestyle
Last updated
March 17, 2017
Release date
February 15, 2015
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App Store Description

Top 10 Productivity: 4 Countries
Top 100 Productivity: 58 Countries

Stop being distracted by your phone! Join over 350,000 creative and productive people worldwide who use Freedom to help them focus and get work done.

Freedom is an incredible service that prevents you from being distracted by your phone, tablet, or computer. Our app blocks content in Apps, Websites, and Email so you can focus and get more done.

Create and edit blocklists (select what sites and apps you want to block), schedule your block sessions (automatically recurring schedules help you build good habits), and use Locked Mode to prevent cheating.

It’s all there at your fingertips, and if you have Freedom installed on your Mac or Windows computer, your iOS device can control your Freedom sessions there too. Block distractions in sync across all your devices

How does Freedom work? Freedom uses a lightweight “Limited VPN Profile,” which allows Freedom to block content directly on your device. Freedom never makes a VPN connection to a server, and your browsing information never leaves your phone. It is completely secure and private.

There are some things Freedom can’t do. Freedom can’t block phone calls or texts that come across cellular networks. No apps can do that. Freedom also can’t prevent you from opening apps. Freedom prevents Apps, Browsers, and Email clients from getting new content. We are always working to make Freedom more useful to you, and we appreciate your patience.

Get Freedom and see how happy and healthy your relationship with technology can be - free of distractions.

What’s up with our reviews?

Freedom 1.0 (our previous version of the app) used a VPN to block content. Prior to the enabling of technology to support on-phone blocking, this was the only way to block content. However, it was slow and cumbersome. Freedom 2.0 (the app you’re downloading now) is ultra fast, never makes a VPN connection, and is light years better than Freedom 1.0.