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*** Featured on Utilities category in US and Canada stores ***

An easy to use unit converter that’s also easy on the eyes


by InnovationBox
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An easy to use unit converter that’s also easy on the eyes.

What is it about?

*** Featured on Utilities category in US and Canada stores ***


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Utilities Reference
Last updated
December 10, 2014
Release date
September 2, 2013
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*** Featured on Utilities category in US and Canada stores ***
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"Konvert is a beautifully simple unit-conversion app for iPhone"
- TheNextWeb

"Conversions Have Never Been Simpler With Konvert"
- AppAdvice

"It’s perhaps the perfect unique iOS 7 design"
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"New iPhone app worth downloading: Konvert"
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A simple way to Konvert between units on iPhone.
Convert base, time, mass, length, data, speed and much more seamlessly!
24 categories and hundreds of units:

- Angle
° , g, rad, turn

- Area
m², ac, a, ha, cm², dm², dam², hm², inch²,
km², mi², mm², yard², ft²

- Base
10, 16, 2, 8

- Currency
USD: Unites States Dollar
EUR: Euro
JPY: Japanese Yen
GBP: British Pound
TRY: Turkish Lira
CHF: Swiss Franc
AED: United Arab Emirates Dirhams
ARS: Argentina Pesos
AUD: Australian Dollar
AZN: Azerbaijan New Manats
BGN: Bulgarian Lev
BHD: Bahrain Dinars
BOB: Bolivia Bolivianos
BRL: Brazilian Real
CAD: Canadian Dollar
CLP: Chile Pesos
CNY: Chinese Yuan
COP: Colombia Pesos
CUP: Cuban Pesos
CZK: Czech Koruna
DKK: Danish Krone
DZD: Algerian Dinars
EGP: Egypt Pounds
GEL: Georgian Lari
HKD: Hong Kong Dollar
HRK: Croatian Kuna
HUF: Hungarian Forint
IDR: Indonesian Rupiah
ILS: Israeli Sheqel
INR: Indian Rupee
IQD: Iraqi Dinars
IRR: Iran Rials
KRW: South Korean Won
KWD: Kuwait Dinars
KZT: Kazakhstan Tenge
LTL: Lithuanian Litas
LYD: Libya Dinars
MXN: Mexican Peso
MYR: Malaysian Ringgit
NOK: Norwegian Krone
NZD: New Zealand Dollar
PEN: Peru Nuevos Soles
PHP: Philippine Peso
PKR: Pakistan Rupees
PLN: Polish Zloty
PYG: Paraguay Guarani
QAR: Qatar Riyals
RON: Romanian Leu
RUB: Russian Ruble
SAR: Saudi Arabia Riyals
SEK: Swedish Krona
SGD: Singapore Dollar
SYP: Syrian Pounds
THB: Thai Baht
TMT: Turkmenistan New Manats
TND: Tunisia Dinars
TTD: Trinidad and Tobago Dollars
TWD: Taiwan New Dollars
UAH: Ukrainian Hryvnia
UYU: Uruguay Pesos
VEF: Venezuela Bolivares Fuertes
ZAR: South African Rand

- Energy
J, kWh, BTU, cal, erg, kJ, kcal

- Length
m, dm, mm, inch, yard, ft, cm, km, mi, NM

- Mass
kg, lb, st, oz, t, ton, LT, gr, mg, mcg

- Power
W, BTU/hr, BTU/s, cal/s, kcal/s, kW, hp

- Speed
km/h, mph, ft/s, m/s, knot, mach, c (speed of light)

- Temperature
C, F, K, R, D

- Time
hr, d, m, w, yr, ns, μs, ms, s

- Volume
m³, l, ml, cm³, cu in, cu yd, cu ft, (US)gal,
(UK)gal,qt, pt, cup, fl oz, tbsp, tsp, bbl(fluid), bbl(oil), bbl(dry)

- Acceleration
m/s², Gal, g, in/s², km/s², mi/s²

- Data
B, KB, MB, GB, TB, KiB, MiB, GiB, TiB,
bit, Kbit, Mbit, Gbit, Tbit

- Density
gr/cm³, kg/m³, gr/l, oz/gal, lb/cu ft, kg/l

- Flow Rate
l/s, l/min, l/hr, m³/s, m³/mi, m³/hr, cu ft/s,
cu ft/min, cu ft/hr, gal/s, gal/min, gal/hr, bbl(o)/d, bbl(f)/d

- Force
N, dyn, pdl, kp

- Frequency
Hz, kHz, MHz, GHz, rpm, rps, rad/min, rad/s

- Fuel
km/l, l/100km, l/100mil, gal/100mil, imperial gal/100mil, mpg, mpig

- Illuminance
lx, lm/cm², lm/m², mcd, ph, ph, nx

- Pressure
b, psf, psi, Pa, torr, atm

- Radiation
sv, gy, j/kg, m²/s², rem, R/h

- Torque
Nm, Ncm, Nmm, kNm, dynm, ozf in, lbf ft, lbf in

- Typography
pt, px(72), px(96), px(150), px(300), mm, cm, in, twip, em, pica