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Todo Math

Learn counting, math, shapes, and telling time in a colorful way.

Todo Math: Play and Learn from Counting to Multiplication is perfect for kids from pre-kindergarten to second grade

Todo Math

by Enuma, Inc.
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Basic counting
Todo Math
Todo Math
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Todo Math: Play and Learn from Counting to Multiplication is perfect for kids from pre-kindergarten to second grade. With five sections for counting, equations, reasoning, time and money, and geometry, this app will help your children learn while they play. There are tons of activities, games, and adventures to show them that math can be fun.

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Basic counting. It's vital that your child learns basic counting, and this app helps you accomplish that for your child. Put this in front of them and they will need to count the number of items and then select the correct number. It's a great way to test your toddler's progress.

Basic counting
Equations and reasoning

Equations and reasoning. In addition to counting, it is important to start having some knowledge about basic equations and problem solving. With Todo Math, children will be asked basic equations and also solve some reasoning puzzles. It's a good way to test your child's math and problem solving skills at once.

Time and shapes. Shapes and time are important too! With Todo Math, these two are not forgotten. Your child will learn how to tell time as well as differentiate shapes from each other by dragging numbers to figure out the time and find the right shapes to fit things in. No stone is left unturned in Todo Math.

Time and shapes

What is it about?

Todo Math: Play and Learn from Counting to Multiplication is a colorful, cheerful way to learn and practice math. From counting to equations to triangles, your girls and boys will enjoy this bubbly math adventure.

For those who...

  • Children from pre-K to second grade

Not for those who...

  • Children above the second grade

Why we love it

If you want to get your kids on the right start with math, then Todo Math: Play and Learn from Counting to Multiplication is a great way to do it. They will learn while having fun with over 600 different activities.

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Last updated
July 31, 2017
Release date
August 15, 2013
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Todo Math is FREE but there are more add-ons

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App Store Description

Help your child build and master foundational math skills with Todo Math, an award-winning, intuitive and interactive math adventure. The #1 comprehensive math app uniquely designed for early learners in Pre-K – 2nd grade, Todo Math is aligned to Common Core State Standards and uses proven best practices in education to give children the tools they need to learn the most important early math skills. Our app delights and engages young learners independently with captivating gameplay and charming visuals, all while they gain confidence in the most essential early math concepts, from number sense to geometry.

Todo Math is endorsed by educators, aligned to school standards, and recognized internationally for superior game design. Try it for free today!

Todo Math has been widely recognized for adhering to the highest standards of excellence for educational game design.

• 2016 SIIA CODiE Award Finalist
• Winner of a 2015 Parents’ Choice Gold Award
• Best Design Award Winner at Launch Education & Kids Conference
• Ranked #1 in US (Education), UK (Kids), Korea (Kids), Japan (Kids) App Stores
• Five-Star Quality Rated on Common Sense Media

• Daily Adventures & Challenge Lab — curated daily practice tailored to your child’s skill level. From level E, Daily Adventures become Challenge Lab, which include timed worksheets with trickier math problems that help kids continue to succeed as classroom math curriculum becomes more complex.
• Missions & Challenge Library — 60+ progression-based missions that let kids learn while exploring a fun, colorful world. Beginning with Level E, Missions becomes Challenge Library, a more academically-focused mode that lets kids to select one of 50+ question sets.
• Play-Based Quizzes — Todo Math Monster Quizzes reinforce learning, with fun monsters kids can collect!
• Parents Page — follow your child’s progress and help them set goals.
• Accessibility Options — left-handed mode, OpenDyslexic font option, help button, simplified keypad input style, and eight different language options.

Todo Math’s free download includes a basic version of every game and feature in the application. If you play it and like it, upgrade to the full version for continuous access to the complete curriculum!

Todo Math is developed by experienced educators and researchers from UC Berkeley, and was piloted by 1,300+ teachers with exceptional feedback. Todo Math’s growing curriculum includes 700+ math activities aligned to Common Core State Standards for children Pre-K – 2nd grade. The app includes a comprehensive suite of learning games that cover the most important principles of early math education:
• Counting and Cardinality — including number tracing, counting, tallies and more.
• Number Operations — including addition, subtraction, multiplication and word problems.
• Mathematical Reasoning — including pattern recognition, math memory matrices and more.
• Time and Money — including days and weeks, telling time, and understanding coins.
• Geometry — including geometric shape recognition, knowledge and tracing.

Todo Math adheres to Children’s Online Privacy standards and does not contain any 3rd party advertisements

Enuma designs accessible games and applications that help all children learn independently. For more information, find us at or contact us at [email protected]