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Review: Doodle Jump

November 20, 2009



Doodle Jump is one of the most popular apps ever, and it's because of the updates. The problem is that the updates give you bonus items or different themes. It's still the same boring gameplay mechanic that is a rip-off of Papi Jump. Occasional enemies appear that don't do much. With all the updates, the game has been surpassed by multiple competitors, and yet it still sells. Hopefully people can start opening their eyes to the wider App Store to see what great casual endless games you can get. Check our appguide for some advice. Doodle_halloween Through all of the updates we have received a Christmas theme, Halloween theme, a tie in with Pocket God to play as a pygmy, and a tie in with The Creeps so the enemies are creeps. Also in game items have been provided including spring shoes, trampolines, propeller hat, rocket pack, and the ability to jump on monsters rather than shoot them. Hopefully Lima Sky shares some of their profits with SunFlat games with the original Papi Jump, and especially Papi Jump Plus which are way too similar. Just because a game is popular doesn't mean it's great just check the music and movie industry (the App Store is no different). After you've played a few times there is no reason to go back as the gameplay never changes, and the online high score tables are as basic as can be, and pale to OpenFeint. Over time it's rating has dropped because it's relative value to the competition has dropped. For only $0.99 it's worth it, but there is more fun to have in games with similar gameplay and similar price.




Doodle Jump is Lima Sky's endless jumper game. You control the Doodler, tilting your iPhone left and right to maneuver it from platform to platform, bouncing ever higher. As you climb, you avoid obstacles such as tears in the graph paper and broken platforms. You can tap on the screen to shoot down alien monsters and UFOs.


Free updates keep adding new features such as the the trampoline which bounces the Doodler high up in the air while doing a front flip. However, there is an option to put Doodle Jump in classic mode and play with just the original, basic platforms. You can also connect to your Facebook account and post your scores. Doodle_pygmy You can challenge your Facebook friends to beat your high score or send them a challenge through email. You can also have marks that display the high scores of either local or global players along the right hand side. The game does have a pause feature but you are only allowed to use it three times in single game. Easter Eggs allow you to play as a Pygmy from Pocket God, to jump through total darkness on a halloween night, or avoid Creeps from The Creeps! instead of aliens.

The Good

Doodle Jump's main strength lies in its simplicity: simple graphics, simple sounds, simple controls and a simple concept. The hand drawn doodle art is appealing. The basic bouncing noises and lack of a soundtrack are strangely engaging. The accelerometer controls are completely intuitive and natural. Doodle_creeps In the options, you can manually adjust them if you wish but the auto setting is so perfect even my four year old was controlling the Doodler in under a minute. The concept is simplicity itself - just keep jumping up and up and up while avoiding obstacles and not falling.

The Bad

The worst thing that can be said about the game is right in the full name: Doodle Jump - BE WARNED: Insanely Addictive! The game IS insanely addictive and will suck you in as your try over and over again to beat your high score or those of your friends or, if you somehow manage to become the Grand Poobah of Doodle Jumping, those on the global leaderboards. A negative I found was that in order to change your name, either to record your score as a different player or to unlock the easter eggs, you have to die and bring up the score page. Plus, with the 3 pauses per game limit and the fact that it does not auto-save your progress on exit, trying to go for those global records could get REAL nerve wracking.

The Verdict

You're still reading this? Doodle Jump is one of the MUST HAVE casual gaming apps on the App Store. At 99¢ it is a complete steal with numerous hours you will spend playing this game. Go buy it. Now. Seriously. Just click on the link below and buy Doodle Jump. Install it and become addicted.

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