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Video Genius Brings Free Video Recording To Older iPhones

February 7, 2010

Thanks to Apple easing up on the approval process, you can now easily make movies from your old iPhone 2G or 3G. The quality isn't great, but if you don't want to jailbreak, it's still better than nothing. Two apps are pretty much owning the market at the moment, iCamcorder and iVideorecorder, but they might have to play with a third one now. Video Genius, which just hit the App Store, does the exact same thing as the other two and it does it for free (for a limited time). How does it compare ? Well, the quality is not as good as iCamcorder, and it doesn't have as many sharing options.  On the other hand, it saves your videos to the iPhone's default camera roll, which makes them very easy to access and edit just like on a 3GS! Go grab it here!

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