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Organize Your Entire Life With Springpad

March 9, 2010

Our lives are getting increasingly cluttered with ideas, things to see and obligations to fulfill. Fortunately being an iPhone owner, making it all make sense can be as easy as using the new note management app Springpad.

Springpad is the newly released companion app for the popular note taking and information organizing website. It takes note management to the extreme as it helps you gather anything important to you and keeps it organized to review later on.

After registering, you can begin adding a thought simply by typing it in. The app goes further by enhancing the thought using the following markers: type (recipe, book, movie, tasks, etc), attaching a photo note, using GPS to mark a specific location or by using the included barcode scanner to look up a product (powered by Occipital - makers of the fabulous Red Laser app).

Information is neatly organized  in the category you specify. Notes entered into the app are automatically sync'd and accessible on the Springpad website making it easy to follow up on anything you come across in your day to day.

Although note management apps aren't anything new with standouts like Evernote already available, what sets Springpad apart are it's very extensive categories and database of products you can look up to help enhance your note. Springpad also makes it fun to discover new things by adding a social component to the service. You can share anything you note or follow your friends to find out about anything new and interesting.

By combining components of several popular note taking apps, Springpad makes for a great management tool. If staying organized was one of your resolutions for the new year, here's a very good way to make it happen.

Springpad is available for free on the App Store.

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