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Spook Your Friends - Ghost Capture

March 5, 2010

Halloween may be long gone but an app from the makers of the indie film "Ghosts Don't Exist," has been making the headlines lately and is worthy of another look. Ghost Capture is a photography app that inserts ghostly images into your own pictures. It recently fooled the UK Tabloids The Sun and The Daily Mail when a construction worker submitted a photo showing a work site with what appeared to be an apparition of a young boy. Turns out, it was all a hoax devised using this clever little app.

There are two versions of the app available in the App Store: a free version offering 10 ghost images and a 99 cent version with 30.  Other than the ghost count, the apps offer identical features. Select a photo from your photo roll or take a new picture with your camera. Choose from the variety of ghostly images and place it in your photo. You can size, rotate and change the transparency of the image to fit the shot.

The fun part is the sharing of your creepy creation and the app allows you to do the standard save to your photo library or email them out to your unsuspecting friends. The developers have also included an option to submit your photo to the Ghosts Don't Exist website and you can also view the gallery of user submitted pictures. Some of these are done well and I don't recommend viewing the gallery late at night if you spook too easily.

With April Fools' Day less than a month away, here is a grand opportunity to pull off the ultimate prank. Ghost Capture Free and the full version (99 cents) are available now in the App Store.

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