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Access Flash Sites With Cloud Browse

April 15, 2010

While all of the love in the third party browser world has been going to Opera's Mini browser, another free browser in the app store is helping to solve a dilemma plaguing all of us using an iDevice. Developer AlwaysOn Technologies has managed to do the unthinkable: bring Flash to the browsing experience on the iPhone OS with Cloud Browse.

Cloud Browse is a clever app that employs the use of remotely streaming a desktop browser to your device. This remote computer is fully flash and java enabled allowing you the access and opportunity to view the web like you would on your desktop computer. You have full multitouch pinch capabilities to zoom in and out of sites as well as flick scrolling as you would with mobile Safari. The only difference is you now have that coveted access to flash enabled sites to view animation and play games.

While the idea of being able to browse the complete web is pretty cool, the experience may prove to be a little frustrating. The app has gained in popularity due to its unique functions and as a result, accessing Cloud Browse's browser may result in many timed out connections. During my time with the app, I had to restart the app several times on many occasions to finally connect. The developer's site does acknowledge the issues that users may be experiencing and indicate they are working on it.

The other issue is Apple. How long before Cupertino yanks this access after the very public spat with allowing flash on its device? Either way, you can see for yourself how well the app works. It's currently residing on the App Store completely free to download. Give it a whirl and see what browsing the full web is like on your iPhone.

Download Cloud Browse for free on the App Store.

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