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AT&T iPhone Insurance Launching June 6th - New iPhone In Sight?

May 28, 2010

If you have ever damaged your iPhone in any way, then this will be great news for you! The Boy Genius Report has just received word that the iPhone will in fact have an insurance option provided by AT&T. The bad part? The outrageous price of $13.99/mo, which soon adds up to a total of $168 a year. Although this is cheaper than sending $200 to Apple to get your screen replaced, this is still a huge step in the wrong direction for AT&T.

AT&T has always treated the iPhone a little different than most phones, first, by not allowing MMS right away, and secondly, by still not allowing tethering, but $11 more than every other AT&T phone is just plain ridiculous. Not to mention that after you break the phone, the deductible differs from $99 for a 8GB iPhone 3G to $199 for a 32GB iPhone 3GS. Our advice here at AppAdvice? Fix it yourself. Even a ten year old boy managed to fix his father's cracked iPhone screen for $22 as seen here. However, there is good news we can take away from all of this. The insurance is planned to be available June 6th, which is a day before the WWDC keynote. This is even more proof (as if you need more!) that the fourth iPhone will make an appearance at the keynote. Is AT&T's pricing insane, or are you off day-dreaming about the new iPhone and all of its aluminum goodness? Let us know!

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