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Apple iPhone 4 Bumper Availability Is Also Quickly Slipping Back

June 16, 2010

Apple has again seemed to heavily misjudge product demand. They have delayed the availability of nearly all of their nifty Bumper iPhone 4 cases. Well, maybe Apple has just been focused on trying to keep up with iPhone 4 production, although, they seem to have highly misjudged that. Black is posted to be available on June 24th, iPhone 4 launch day. The pink, white, orange, and blue are noted not to be available until all the way back to July 2nd. If that weren't enough, the green Bumper has already been pushed back to July 16th. Shipping dates seem to be slipping back fairly quickly, so get your order in now. Update: Pink, white and blue have also now slipped to a July 16th shipping date.

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