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Get Your Hands On The iPhone 4 Now! Sorta...

June 13, 2010

If you've watched the keynote, read the articles and can't wait to get your hands on the iPhone 4, there is a solution. You can now print out and create your very own life-sized iPhone 4. To tide you over for the next two weeks, you can make a papercraft model of the iPhone 4. For those that don't know, papercraft is where you can print, cut out, and then assemble many different types of objects. For the beginner, German Apple reseller Energy Net has a basic papercraft version that looks like the one you see above. While it is the correct size, the corners are square. For those wanting a completely accurate version, Japanese papercraft artist Hisashi Imai has created a highly-detailed design in both black and white versions. Simple version: Energy Net's iPhone 4 papercraft Advanced version: Hisashi Imai's iPhone 4 papercraft

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