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iPhone 4 UK Release Confirmed: June 24 With O2 And Orange

June 7, 2010

Great news for UK Apple fans: O2 UK has now become the first international carrier to confirm that it'll be serving up the new iPhone 4 in time for launch on June 24th. After the delayed release of the iPad across the non-American world, many international Apple fans might have been worried about a similar situation arising with the recently announced iPhone 4. But fear not: O2 UK for one have announced that they'll have the new phone ready for purchase on June 24th. We also heard in a later announcement that Orange will be offering iPhone 4 to UK customers - though Vodafone, the other UK iPhone carrier, has not yet announced whether it'll be in on the party. In the US there has been no word on whether AT&T will loose iPhone or iPad exclusivity, as some recent reports have claimed. AT&T's new data plans have left many prospective iPhone owners disgruntled, and a loss of exclusivity would surely be welcomed. However, as of this moment AT&T are still the sole iPhone carrier in the US. If you're an Apple fan living in the UK let us know whether you plan to get yourself an iPhone 4 in the comments box below!

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