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Lemmings For iPhone: Coming Soon For Free

June 26, 2010

The iPhone games developer, Mobile 1UP, announced yesterday on TouchArcade's forums that they've "bitten the bullet" and have started work on a port of Lemmings for iPhone and iPod touch. The game will be submitted to the App Store later this week for free, and will include all 120 levels from the original game. Mobile 1UP is live blogging the entire process of the app's development, so you can keep up to date with the progress by checking out their blog here. If you do decide to read the blog, make sure you start from the very bottom and read up from there. It's an amazing process, with a total of 34 hours spent so far on guiding the lemmings over to Apple's iDevices.

If you've never heard of Lemmings, the game is based on the popular lemming mass-suicide myth; the belief that lemmings (rodent-like creatures) periodically hurl themselves off clifftops, as documented in the Disney film, White Wilderness. In actual fact, this is total nonsense. Lemmings do no exhibit any suicidal behavior; they simply migrate unsuccessfully at times. This fact doesn't matter. Based on that myth, a legendary game was born - nearly twenty years ago, and it has since been ported to almost every platform imaginable.

In the game, players complete a number of levels by guiding lemmings to the exit, and stopping them from falling to their deaths. You can assign various lemmings certain skills (i.e., digger lemming), and you will have to use successful tactics if you want all of your party to survive. The game is fun and addictive, the fact that it's going to be free on the iPhone and iPod touch is fantastic. Keep checking Touch 1UP's blog for more information regarding the game - and keep your eyes peeled for an AppAdvice review once it's released!

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