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Are You In The Loopt?

June 1, 2010

Today the App Store saw the launch of Loopt Star, a location-based application like no other, which works fluidly with Facebook Connect and the iPhone's GPS capabilities to grant users a virtual rewards card that can be 'stamped' upon the completion of set tasks. The rewards, which are granted by participating brands such as Starbucks and The Gap, can specify where you are, when you’re there, and the number of times you go to that particular place in a single day as being reward-worthy. This means that on your third visit to Starbucks, you might be granted a free Americano. Or perhaps if you hit The Gap between 10 and 11, you get 5% off denim jeans. The possibilities are endless. And alongside this, through Facebook Connect you can interact with your friends, and compete for rewards. Sometimes, bringing your friends with you increases your chances of gaining a reward - for example, Loopt Star users can 'check' into any bar in the United States with two Facebook friends, and instantly everybody in the party earns five free songs. At other times a task might appear in your Facebook News Feed - completing it gets you the reward. It's that simple. Loopt Stars is free and is in the App Store now (Us Only). Download it and let your search for virtual bounty begin!

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