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Microsoft Lures iPhone Devs With Cash?

June 17, 2010

Heard about Microsoft's Windows Phone 7? Been wondering how Bill Gates and his band of PC-loving, iPhone-stomping marauders are even going to attempt to rival Apple's beautiful iPhone? Well one report claims to have the answer: Microsoft are going to throw cash at iPhone developers until they crumple and port their apps over to the upcoming Windows Phone 7. And in case you're wondering - no, we're not joking. But then again, as mad as it sounds, there is a massive aspect of believability to this crazy story. How else could Microsoft legitimately match Apple's super-successful App Store? With over 225,000 third-party apps (along with 5 billion downloads), Windows Marketplace for Mobile is hardly a serious competitor. So Microsoft are going to attempt to buy success, and it'll be interesting to see whether they successfully do so. Personally, I think that if there was ever a reason to not buy the Windows Phone 7, then ladies and gentleman, this is it. You can check out the aforementioned report here. [via 9to5Mac]

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