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A Services Menu For iPhone?

June 4, 2010

Do iPhone users want a Mac-like Services menu available for their phones? Release Candidate One's Chris Clark says yes. Current Mac users will be aware of the OS X Services menu: a drop down all-helpful menu that is specific for each application, and offers a set of inter-app actions that can make whatever you're doing a whole lot easier.

And Clark rightly states that Services on the iPhone would be so much better, because on the iPhone, it truly is needed - whereas on the Mac it's simply a useful commodity. He adds:
A system of Services would show only the integration features the user wants, because it can only advertise Services from the apps the user has installed.
Personally I think an iPhone (and iPad) version of Services would be invaluable. In short, it would be a huge time saver, enabling users to shortcut through various tasks. I mean, we all have a Mail app on our iPhones, and we all have Safari. But if we want to email something we see in Safari a long and boring process involving copying, pasting, or even saving (if it's an image) and attaching is initiated. Basically we have to do everything one step at a time. But with an iPhone version of Services we'd cut out the Copy & Paste / Save and Attach middle man, and save ourselves a heck of a lot of wasted time. And really, when you think about it, is the idea of iPhone Services that radical a thought? Probably about as radical as an iPhone Spotlight Search might have sounded to first-gen iPhone users. And now we've got it. You never know: maybe the idea of iPhone services isn't much of an idea at all. Perhaps it's more of a prediction. Check out the video below of how it would look like and tell us what you think!

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