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Verizon Wireless Testing Apple iPads?

June 3, 2010

According to a "highly placed source" of tech site Boy Genius Report, mobile network Verizon Wireless are currently in the process of testing Apple iPads on their network - which would undoubtedly be appreciated following AT&T's announcement yesterday of its ridiculous new data plans. At the moment, little more is known - except that the model the network are apparently testing is a CDMA-compatible device. We're guessing that if Verizon are planning to introduce an iPad data plan, then they're probably going to want to release an iPhone data plan too - which would be like an early Christmas present for many of us (providing the price is right). We're not sure what to believe at the moment. A conflicting report stating that Verizon has no immediate plans to carry the iPhone has just been released. You can check the article out here. Seems like the network world is going crazy - unless of course Verizon's tactic is to deny the truth right up until the iPhone is released on their network (which would be a very Apple-like way of massively increasing hype). If the unbelievable did happen and AT&T lost iPhone exclusivity, would you ditch them for Verizon? Would you expect to see a difference in tariffs between the two networks, or do you think Verizon will simply match prices against AT&T? Let us know what you think. And if you have any information, get in touch!

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