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Want A White iPhone 4? Just Buy Black And Return Within 30 Days...

June 27, 2010

Here's a nifty little idea for those of you who are desperate to own one of Apple's elusive white iPhone 4 handsets: why not buy a black iPhone 4, then return it within 30 days and get a white one? We've spoken to Apple, and can confirm there will be no restocking fee for those of you wishing to do this. By returning your black iPhone 4, you may then purchase a white model. This isn't a direct swap: just a loophole for those of you who can't wait to get your hands on the white handset. You can check out Apple's Sales and Refund Policy here, and read the appropriate section below.
iPhone Return Policy "If you are not satisfied with your iPhone purchase, please visit online Order Status or call 1-800-676-2775 to request a return. The iPhone must be returned to our warehouse within 30 calendar days from shipment to avoid an $175 early termination fee. The iPhone must be returned in the original packaging, including any accessories, manuals, and documentation."
Apple announced last week in a statement that white iPhone 4 handsets won't be shipping until mid-July, leaving many prospective owners feeling pretty unhappy. But now there's a solution! Let us know whether this is something you might consider doing in the comments box below! Update: We're hearing that Apple may add a 10% restocking fee on any opened iPhone, but at the moment not much is clear. We'll be updating if we hear anything else.

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