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WWDC 2010: iBooks gets new features

June 7, 2010

Having already cornered 22% of the ebook market in 65 days, iBooks is a resounding success. Over 5 Million books have been downloaded which comes out to about 2.5 books per iPad.

Only a few weeks old, and updates are coming to the iBooks app. The first is a new bookmark feature. You can easily mark your place in your books, view table of contents, and return to exactly where you left off. The second new feature is the ability to open PDF's within iBooks. Now you can download thousands of publications on the internet, import them into iBooks, and read them with the same ease of use as a regular ebook. PDF's attached to email messages will automatically go into iBooks.

Those of you who don't own an iPad will be happy to know that iBooks is coming to the iPhone as part of iOS4. If you have multiple devices you can seemlesly switch between them without losing your place.

Look for this updated with iOS 4, which is preloaded on the iPhone 4 and available for previous devices later this year.