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11 Million Tablets To Be Sold By The End Of 2010? Congrats, iPad!

July 26, 2010

According to a recent article which appeared on PCWorld, a grand total of 11 million tablets are expected to be sold by the end of 2010: a figure consisting mainly of Apple's "magical and revolutionary" iPads. The figure, predicted by ABI Research, highlights the iPad as revolutionizing the market; much in the same way the iPod and iPhone changed their respective fields in the tech-world, back when they were launched in 2001 and 2007. ABI Research analyst Jeff Orr explained:
"Our forecast of 11 million media tablet shipments in 2010 is based both on the broader availability of the iPad and on the delayed introduction of competing products. Assuming that competing tablets from other vendors do arrive in the second half of the year as expected, we believe that the iPad will account for a significant portion - but not all - of the projected 11 million units."
Indeed, one can hardly deny that the iPad has propelled the tablet, as a consumer product, into the limelight of the press. Regardless of whether you think it's an amazing product, or just a bigger iPod touch, not a single tech-savvy soul can deny that Apple's iPad has thrust the concept of the "tablet" to the attention of the media.

In addition to this, Orr went on to remind readers that the iPad has the potential to steal the thunder of various other consumer electronics:
"The buzz around tablets has implications for other parts of the consumer electronics market."
Specifically, Orr stated that the "mobile internet device" would be overshadowed by devices such as Apple's iPad. Smartphones, he said, are also contributing to the depleted interest in MIDs.

So I guess until official figures are announced, we'll just have to hold our breath in anticipation of the iPad's impact upon the tablet market. Personally, I can't imagine Apple's creation having anything other than a positive effect: indeed, the only thing we might speculate about is the extent of the device's impact. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!

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