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Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference Redux: We Don't Think We Have A Problem

July 16, 2010

Apple has, as predicted, dedicated today's entire surprise press conference to addressing the iPhone 4's antenna issue; aka Antennagate. The world as we know it didn't end. There wasn't any grandiose announcement or dramatic recall. In short, a non-event for a non-issue. Well, not completely a non-issue as they acknowledged that some users are having issues. However, these issues are rare and blown out of proportion.

To show just how out of control the story had gotten, Steve started off with the iPhone 4 antenna song, which we featured this morning. Steve then followed with a 15 minute presentation explaining the issues.

Sales Update

First he reminded us that iPhone 4 sales are still going strong; totalling 3 million units sold in just 3 weeks:

The Engineering behind the iPhone antenna

Steve also made sure to show off Apple's facilities for testing iPhone antennas; making it hard to argue that Apple has done a sloppy job (click for more details):


Then, some data to show the "real" extent of the issue. (click for more details):

The White iPhone 4

Now, we finally know the precise release date of the white iPhone 4 (click for details):

International Availability

Last point, we finally have a definitive date for international availability of the iPhone 4 (click for details):

So that's it for Antennagate. Congrats on your new free case. And, an apology from Apple to those of you who're having issues. Also, you're still free to return your iPhone.

[Credit to Engadget for the images]

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