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Canada To Get Unlocked iPhone, Canadians Spoiled For Choice?

July 27, 2010

As many of you will already know, Apple's iPhone 4 handset is scheduled to hit Canadian stores come Friday. And, according to a recent report by CBC, Canadian customers will have the option of buying the phone unlocked, directly from Apple.

However, the handsets aren't going to be cheap. An iPhone 4 will set Canadian fanboys back a weighty $659 (16GB), or $779 (32GB). iPhone 3GS handsets will be retailed at $549 for the 8GB handset. Obviously, these figures are all in Canadian dollars, and they convert over to $637 / $753 / $530 US. Carriers will be offering the handset for a discounted rate if customers take out a contract, and if my own experience with the UK market is anything to go by, most will take this route in securing an iPhone handset. Buying an unlocked iPhone through Apple does mean customers have the option of finding a less-binding, more cost-effective contract through the carrier of their choice. Yet Apple's high handset price means this door will be shut to a great many prospective iPhone owners. If you're planning to grab a handset in Canada on release day, be sure to let us know which option you'll be going for in the comments box below. And if you're planning on buying an unlocked phone, which carrier will you be choosing?

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