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Shining Force Is Sega's Recent Classic Game To Hit The App Store

July 30, 2010

Take command of a small army of warriors who venture around towns and fight in large-scale, tactical battles in Sega's timeless strategic role-playing game, Shining Force. It's another classic Sega title released on the Mega-Drive, or also known as the Genesis, back in the early '90s that was apparently worthy of an iOS port. Shining Force features: • Select from 29 unique characters to form your team of 11. • Explore eight intriguing chapters and fight in 30 turn-based strategy battles. • Defeat 43 monsters and 10 fearsome bosses. • Find or buy 34 weapons, equip seven magical rings, collect items and cast 32 magical spells. • Unlock two secret costumes for the MAGE characters Tao and Anri. • Play either the US or Japanese version of the game by switching your device’s language The port appears to be extremely true to the source material, with the only major difference being on-screen controls (obviously) instead of physical buttons, which isn't really a problem since the game is a plodding, turn-based affair. Shining Force is now available in the App Store for $2.99.  Does this one bring back fond memories of gaming past for anyone?

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