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Santa Claus, Can I Have An iPad?

July 28, 2010

Ho ho ho! It's almost August - which means it's almost time to start thinking about what we're going to put on our Christmas lists this year! And, according to Dixon's International (a major UK retailer), a heck of a lot of us are going to be asking the jolly man in red for an Apple iPad this year. As 9to5Mac reports, Jeremy Fennell of Dixon's International stated:
"There is no doubt the iPad is going to be the number one Christmas gift this year... with even more accessories launching it's only going to make a must-have technology even more attractive."
And, with iPad engraving rumored to be on the way, it seems Apple is preparing itself for a surge of holiday-inspired interest in its "magical and revolutionary" device. However, this throws the question of supply and demand right up into the air again. As we reported last week, LG (who manufactures the iPad's LCD screens) has confirmed that it has fallen behind with orders. The company's Chief Executive Kwon Young-soo explained:
"Apple is ordering more and more displays but it isn’t something we can be able to respond to quickly. I am not sure whether we can be able to meet orders from other companies for similar products, but we will be able to supply the displays without fail… by the second quarter of next year."
Could this mean there aren't going to be enough iPads to meet the holiday-demand this winter? As Apple COO, Tim Cook, told us all last week: "My phone is ringing off the hook with calls from people who want more supply." Indeed, it seems the whole world is still going mad for Apple's big iPod touch. As of this moment, iSuppli estimates 2010 iPad sales to total 12.9 million units. One cannot deny that Apple has done a great job in creating and marketing the iPad. And, if these aforementioned predictions are anything to go by, the device's success is something that can only grow as the iPad launches itself head-first into 2011. If you're planning on grabbing an iPad this holiday season, be sure to let us know in the comments box below!

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