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Got Exchange And iOS4? There's A Fix For That

July 6, 2010

Users of iOS4 who use Microsoft Exchange, or who use a Gmail account setup as Exchange, may have noticed slower-than-expected syncing and other issues. While an iOS4 update is coming in the near future, you can download a fix for this problem today. The update does little more than change the timeout settings when using Exchange as your provider for email, calendar and contact syncing. Apple promises in their KB article that this will solve issues users are experiencing with this service.

All you have to do is download a configuration profile using this link from your device running iOS4. You can do so easily by viewing this page on your device, or forwarding the link to an email address on your device.

Once you click the link to install, you will receive a warning about the profile being unsigned. Click on "Install Now" and the settings will be changed. After applied, you will need to reboot for the change to take effect. It does not prompt you to do so, so you will have to remember to do it on your own. While these settings will likely be part of an iOS4 update in the future, those who have issues with Exchange should go ahead and do this update today.

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