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Fraudulent Apps Now Appear In Travel Section?

July 10, 2010

Be sure to view the App Store with wary eyes today, because it appears that iTunes has been hacked once again. Following the recent havoc that took place earlier this week regarding a rogue developer's takeover of the the Books section of iTunes, today has seen new anomalies appearing in Apple's iTunes Travel section. Both 9to5Mac and Ars Technica are reporting a new wave of strange-looking apps that have climbed the Travel charts today. The developer is supposedly called WiiSHii, from China, and all of his apps begin with the word: GYOYO. In addition to this, Ars Technica has also reported on one unfortunate iTunes user, Harper Reed, whose account was compromized and used to purchase $168.89 worth of WiiSHii Network's applications - which explains why WiiSHii's apps, which are mostly travel guides for cities in China, are soaring through the charts. So I suppose we're all used to the protocol now: be sure to avoid these applications in the App Store, and also check your payment history and ensure that your account hasn't been used to purchase WiiSHii's great many GYOYO-headed applications. And in the mean time, I guess all we can do is wait for the shadow of the iTunes Store Sheriff to cross the planes of the App Store to take the WiiSHii development company downtown.

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