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No More Interruption Worries With LogMeIn Ignition's Multitasking Support

July 1, 2010

LogMeIn is a great service for remotely controlling a Windows or Mac OS X personal computer. The service is offered with free web site access and account setup, but professional accounts and various platform specific applications add convenience and require you to break out the wallet. LogMeIn Ignition is the handy iPhone, iPod touch and iPad version of this software, giving you quick access to your home or work computers while on the go, and today marks another positive leap forward for fans of the service. LogMeIn Ignition now sports faster startup and login performance but primarily adds iOS 4's multitasking support. With the recent update to LogMeIn Ignition, you no longer need to worry about that brief phone call, quick response to a text, or double-checking that email in fear of needing to start the process all over. Even with fast app switching the connection doesn't remain active indefinitely -- about 10 minutes by our estimates -- but even if that secondary task takes longer than you thought, the notably quicker startup and login process will get you re-connected in only a moment or two. The addition of multitasking abilities, in addition to the continued performance and feature improvements, makes this one of the best solutions for anyone who needs access to their computer from another room or across the country. LogMeIn Ignition is available in the App Store for $29.99.

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