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Capture Great Video With Your Own iPhone 4 Steadicam

July 26, 2010

Now that your little cell phone doubles as an HD video camera, it's time to find out how to take the best video possible. Now, you can get professional quality shots at amateur prices. Some of the best video you see in sports and movies are thanks to an invention called the Steadicam. The Steadicam is a portable camera on a rotating mount. The mount has a pole with a camera on the top and a weight at the bottom. The result is that the camera remains steady regardless of the movement of the camera operator. This allows the camera operator to get in the middle of the action at football games or dodge back and forth between explosions while the camera remains steady and focused. Now you can get this same type of dramatic action shot with the iPhone 4's HD video camera. posted a video showing how to make a Steadicam-like mount for your iPhone 4 with commonly-available components. With a few hours of work and a few dollars you can have one of these great camera mounts for yourself. Check out the video below for complete instructions:

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