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Help Your K-4th Student Improve Their Reading With This Free App

July 22, 2010

K12, a developer of educational apps for children, has released their timed reading app which is free for a limited time. K12 Timed Reading Practice, is a simple reading app that provides stories on the kindergarten through 4th-grade level. Children pick a story at their appropriate reading level and then read through it. The app times the reader, so children and parents see not only how well they can read, but tracks their progress as well.

Helping children read faster is done to help with their fluency. The faster they read, the less time they are spending on decoding the words. Since the app includes 250 stories, you can be assured the reader's scores reflect progress and not just familiarity with the material. The stories are categorized into reading levels using the same Flesh-Kincaid grading system that schools use. How well your child can read the stories in the app should directly equate to how well they read in school.

K12 Timed Reading Practice is available free, for a limited time, in the App Store. Parents of young children should take advantage of this deal to help their child practice reading during summer break.

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