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July 2, 2010

There's no lack of streaming radio apps and web sites. For many, listening to the radio is meant to be a continuous background relaxation component to our stressful lives or boring work. To help us keep our sanity, has been updated with iOS 4 background audio and fast app switching multitasking features, giving you the opportunity to switch to any other app and keep the tunes hummin', and a new event tab to more easily check upcoming appearances in your area. delivers commercial free streaming radio based on your preferences in a number of different ways. Listen to music from artists you already know and own music from, get recommendations based on your chosen artists and your listening habits, or pick a station based around a specific musician. Artist specific stations provide songs from that band and related musicians. The app gives the option to skip the current song, designate that you love it, delete it from the playlist, share it via email or with your friends, buy the song on iTunes, read the band's biography, and see any upcoming tour dates. The iPhone and iPod touch app doesn't offer every bit of customization and features but gives access to great content. The website offers a lot of customization with full browsing and searching abilities, even on mobile Safari. Seeing as is available on the XBOX 360, iDevices, the web, and other platforms, you'll be able to discover a lot of cool music you never knew existed. For the rest of you music lovers like me, be sure to check out this and other useful apps in our Apps That Control Your Music and Apps for Music Lovers applists.

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